Wednesday, September 7, 2011

RCB Carnival is Up!

Remember the blog post I couldn't write?  Well the new carnival is up and looks great!  Thanks go to Heather of Heather's Hints.  She did a great job this month!  You can find the carnival here.

The RCB group is full of talented writers and you are sure to find something in there you didn't know before.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I know it has been a while since I posted one of my daily gratitudes but I will try to get back in the rthym of posting these.  Today I am thankful for many things!  I am thankful for my Disciple Bible study class.  It has been several years since I participated but I am loving this class on doctrine!  I am also thankful for ArsNova and the teachers there who do such wonderful work with talented young people.  My oldest DD is so blessed to be able to study there!

I am also thankful for my carpool friends!  Most afternoons I take 2 children from AAA to Columbia HS where their mom works.   Today, I only had the youngest child as his sister and my two were staying after for auditions.  He got in the car and proceeded to tell me all about his new recorder and then asked if he could practice it in the car on the way to Columbia HS.  I agreed that he could after he buckled his seat belt.  I would never have let my own children do this!  I was serenaded all the way by him as he practiced Hot Cross Buns.  It was so cute!  It makes me sad that I never had the patience to enjoy my own kids this way but I am going to try to work on that!

So God has been so good today!  I am blessed (though convicted) and inspired to be a better mom.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Caving under the deadline...

Tonight was the deadline for the next Rocket City Blog Carnival and I caved.  This one had a theme requirement which really should have been easy for me.  The theme is Huntville favorites.  Surely I have some favorites in Huntsville!  I really do and I started trying to blog this a week ago.  I have saved numerous drafts and never felt like I found my topic.  So I had to let this deadline pass me by for this month.  I'll be sure to share with you all when the carnival is posted.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Biting my tongue

I find that more and more I am biting my tongue and erasing replies before I send or post them. Usually these things are politcal in nature and I value the friendship or family relationship too much to want to harm it.

I suspect if I did post, in most circumstances, it would not harm the relationship but there is still that chance that it would. So I write my replies and delete or erase them before allowing them to be seen. It leaves me feeling frustrated that I have not spoken my mind but yet insulated from any hard feelings that might occur on either side.

For the record, I am usually very conservative in my views. I will occasionally take a stance that is not but by in large, conservative would be a good word to describe my beliefs. I also note that my conservative friends rarely post things to FB or other social media. However, my liberal friends are quick to post and use inflamatory language to try to engage. That makes me frustrated too. Perhaps that speaks to the very natures of the liberals and conservatives. Why can we not be more respectful of each other?

I know if I were to post something that caused disagreement from a liberal, they would post back in a heartbeat and on the attack. I learned this lesson early on and have not been willing to put my beliefs out there since. I wonder how many other conservatives are the same way? I suspect lots of us! I am not ashamed of my beliefs but I refuse to engage with someone who is going to attack. They never ask "why do you believe that way?" or try to have a civil discussion. They merely seem to attack or so it seems to me.

My beliefs are mine and mine alone. So liberal friends and family, keep posting away. I'll keep taking my blood pressure meds and we'll all get through this.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Wordle

Seeking Wordle 3