Friday, December 9, 2011


The costume I have been working on (with friends!) is finished and the Clowns and Stars went on tour this past Wednesday.  I still need to get a photo with stage lights on the dress.  The light in the hallway at school doesn't show the sparkle that is on the dress.

In addition to the costume for DD, I also worked on the accessories for the Stars.  That means top hats and bow ties for the boys and berets, muffs and earrings for the girls.  There are 24 boys and 24 girls!  I am thankful for the other parents that stepped in to help with this project!

Here's my best advise for adding sequins - sew them by machine using a wide zig zag stitch and a jean needle!  Take your time and pay attention.  You may be able to ease the machine through the rough spots and save your needle.  It still took me three needles to sew on all of these sequins but a regular needle would  have been much worse!

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