Monday, November 15, 2010

Feeling a little bit like a holiday mood!

So it is a chilly damp morning here and I have Christmas music on the stereo! I love the music and it is just what I need to jump start my day! I have Christmas on my mind! I have an idea for the beaded copper ornaments I have made and need to go visit my print shop and get a rubber stamp made. I was inspired by the music at church yesterday!

I usually attend the early service and the choir does not sing for that service. But yesterday we went to the last service as DD2 was singing with the LOGOS choir. The music was wonderful! I love our new choir director! It is amazing how God puts all the pieces together to make something wonderful! The calling of our staff members, the choices for yesterday's worship all were wonderful. I hope that your worship experience was just as blessed!

Feel free to join me in putting the Christmas music on the stereo!

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