Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday - take a deep breath because the weekend is just getting started!

I love Fridays! It seems that lately my weekends are jammed packed with activities and Monday is the recovery day. Somehow that sounds wrong! Tonight is pizza night at our house. We make it from scratch and it is so good! This weekend starts with two soccer games at 10 and 10:30 Saturday morning in different towns. Then volunteering at the kids' school. There is also Green U going on at the Botanical Gardens tomorrow. Should be fun and very informative. I think my DH may go with 2 of the kids. It is also my oldest baby's birthday tomorrow! So we will go out to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate. Sunday brings church and bell choir. If I am lucky, I will have time for a nap on Sunday afternoon. The weather is supposed to change on Sunday too. We should finally see an end to this rainy, muggy air mass we have had for 3 weeks. I still sense a need to slow down and find God's presence in my life. I know he is there and working but I am so busy, I think I miss Him! How do you find him?

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