Sunday, September 27, 2009

rollercoaster day

Today is a day of highs and a big low. On the high side, a congregational meeting has been called at my church to call a new senior pastor! How wonderful! Also, I went shopping with my oldest to finish out her birthday gifts. Some of the things I picked out did not fit so we had returns and then picking out new things. She was over the moon and quite pleased with her new things. Then we got home and found out a dear friend had passed away. He had been ill for a while and we knew hospice had been called a couple of weeks ago. Still it was hard to share the news with my sweet child. Her heart is so tender it must feel like it has been crushed by this. It is her first experience with death and loss of someone close to her. I am praying I have the right words to guide her through this experience. Her emotions have been so fragile lately that I really worry. Have you been in a similar place as a parent? How did you handle it?

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