Sunday, October 4, 2009

Welcome October!

Is oh so grateful to have survived another month and begun a new one! Unfortunately, my home has been invaded by swine flu. My oldest came home from school Friday and we quickly figured out that she was running a fever. By Saturday, her cough was worse and she was complaining of body aches. Not good. The doctor's office confirmed that these are classic symptoms of swine flu but would not treat her or anyone else in the family. I am not thrilled by that! Everywhere I look, families are given Tamiflu to prevent swime flu from spreading but not here. I will probably have to call my hubby's doctor to get it for him. At least my DD seems to be handling things okay. She has a fever and aches but her cough is very manageable and the fever responds well to ibuprofen. So those are blessings! Hopefully your month is off to a better start than ours. Did I mention that this week is fall break? So yes, the other kiddos are home with her and hopefully will not contract this nasty bug.

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