Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break

My how time has flown by! Life has been busy in our household with two children in two different plays on the same weekend but that has ended and spring break has begun. What a blessing to have this down time for the kids! It is not a downtime for me workwise as that continues as does the stress!

I have just picked up a writing job that I am very excited about. I have to take care of a few details before I can announce it fully so keep watching this space for more news! It should be a nice supplement for my other endeavors and I can hardly wait to get started. My big web project is on hold again but I am using this time to research some options and try new things. It has really been a blessing for our family and I would love to pick up more jobs like it where I can use my training and experience in a meaningful way. It makes for a very full plate but I love it!

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