Friday, April 23, 2010

trusting in Him

This is the one time of year that rivals Christmas for sheer busyness! It is the end of school rush and it is here in full force at our home. All of the extra curricular activities want to have big end of year events and then there are the concerts and recitals that follow too! This year our family has an extra big event - the confirmation of our oldest child as she prepares to become a member of the church! Tomorrow will be her examination by the session. The confirmands are always somewhat nervous about this process. They had a retreat to study last weekend but Katie had to miss most of it due to her All-State Choir Concert on the campus of Samford University.

Once this portion is complete, the confirmands actually join the church in May. We are excited for her and the rest of the class as well. It is a large group of kids this time which have been together for the most part since they were quite young.

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