Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fall schedule but it definitely still feels like summer!

Hard to believe that my children have started back to school this week! If only it felt like fall! The triple digit temperatures are so hard to deal with for everyone. Much prayer is taking place in my life. Praying that I have made the right choices for my kids, praying for their teachers, praying for a new job for me, and just in general praying!

This school year brings many changes in our lives. Our oldest DD is starting her high school career! We decided on the IB program for her. This means we are supplementing her schedule with voice lessons on Fridays and music theory on Thursdays. The voice lessons start next week and I am anxious to see where she will go with them. Every fourth week will be a performance class so we will get to watch the changes! Our DS has made the show choir, choir and dance company at school! That is what he wanted. The show choir is planning a trip to Disney this spring so every one wanted to be in it! Then our youngest DD is committing to viola and planning to continue for years! None of the others have had the interest so we are thrilled!

I am hoping

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