Thursday, August 26, 2010


Some days you are the windshield and some days you are the bug. Today I am the bug and I have been tossed against the windshield over and over!!! Ok - maybe I exagerate slightly. I may be having a drama queen moment! It has been a long day with much stress though.

I attended middle school open house tonight and feel like such a failure! I have no idea how other parents are making things work. Between being a homework tutor, a chauffer, a housekeeper and chef - I am exhausted. Somehow I was supposed to be able to get desserts to the school tonight for a fund raiser as well. That did not happen. I sat through a meeting about the choir uniforms thinking they have lost their minds. My budget is shot with all the fees we have been hit with this year.

High school class fees - $120
PTA memberships -$20
suggested PTA donations - $150
Camp McDowell trip - $150
Choir fees x 2 - $70
Uniform fee - $13
Art fee -$10

That is $533!!!! I'm supposed to come up with $533 dollars on top of all the supplies that they needed???? Something is going to have to give!!!!

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