Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am the vine

Today's lesson for my logos class is John 15 where Jesus teaches that he is the vine.  I have an idea for getting this across to them and will let you know how it goes.

Update:  I think it went very well!  I sketched a tree with roots and five main branches and then 3 smaller branches from each of the five.  I had the kids list 5 things that are very important to them on the main branches and then 3 reasons why that is important to them.  I then had them label the trunk as Jesus and the roots as the Bible.  Then we read John 15:1-17.  Then we discussed our trees.  Each child told us one thing that was on their tree.  I told several things that were on mine.  We talked about how there might be times that we would need to prune some of our branches and why.  I loved this lesson!  It was very humbling for me to see my tree and realize that I have a lot of pruning to do on my tree.  I know that the Lord has been pruning already and I can see that there is much more to be done.  Bearing good fruit is the goal!

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