Monday, February 14, 2011

Schools again...

Excuse me again whilst I take another detour. The leader of the local NAACP spoke at a press conference today about the state of the Huntsville City Schools. I cannot comprehend the comment that the problem with test scores lies not with the students or the parents but with the schools themselves. As a parent of children who attend a racially balanced school, I cannot accept this statement. This is no more true than saying that every white child is smart. Every child is different. I do not know the teachers in the schools to which she was referring but I know that some if not most of these teachers are there because they believe they can make a difference for these children. Learning does start at home. Parents have to model the behavior and set expectations for their children. Schools can help, but the re-enforcement from home is so important.

Spend a little time with Mark Strong and learn about the Lincoln Village Project. See how these children truly suffered from a home enviroment that was not conducive to learning. This group of volunteers went into Lincoln Elementary to mentor and tutor those children. They modelled for them the way to study and commit to learning. If it does not come from home, someone must teach them these things. Now that Lincoln and MLK have merged, the hard work is starting over. The teachers must be won over and the new students taught what was learned at Lincoln.

I have been raised and have tried to raise my own children to know that the color of a person does not matter. What matters is character and moral values. The Lord does not look upon our exterior but on our hearts to see who we are.

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