Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What to do for John 16?

That was the question I faced this week.  When I arrived this afternoon, I still had no idea on how to present the material in a way that would make the chapter relevant and interesting for my 6th graders.

I spoke briefly with my pastor (and co-teacher) to find out the schedule.  Since this is Ash Wednesday, he would be busy in other parts of LOGOS with imparting ashes.  (Did I say that correctly?)  He offered to talk briefly about Ash Wednesday and its history with the class.

Then I found my way to the library and started looking for a book that would be helpful.  Initially I thought I might find a book on the Holy Spirit but nothing leaped out from the shelves.  However, I did spot a trusted reference!  Christian Doctrine by Shirley Guthrie.  I love this book!  His explanations for the Holy Spirit where such that I knew I could use them with my class and they would be able to grasp this challenging concept.  If this book is not in your personal library (I do own this one!), it should be!

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