Sunday, February 7, 2010


A week has slipped by in the blink of an eye! I found myself in Decatur, AL on Thursday driving 5 girls and another mom over for all state choral auditions. We are still waiting to hear how the kids did but they were told by the judge that it might be this week when they hear. That would be nice. I will have much planning to do (and saving I might add) if Katie makes the choir.

This week also found us finishing up the 2009 employer's taxes on Monday. That is never a favorite job but it is done now and I will have to think about it again in April. Now it is time to get our personal taxes filed and get that money back from Uncle Sam! Woohoo!

The high light of the week for me though has to be the results of my dieting! Down 5 pounds from last Monday! I posted about my WW goal but figured out that I needed to revise the goal to be more accurate. So I still have 5 pounds to go to reach the 5% goal. That means I will have lost 5% of my weight when I started. Not 5% of what I want to lose, but 5% of what I weighed! I have already started to notice that my clothes are getting big on me which is a thrill! I have tried on pants that have never really fit and suddenly they are starting to look good. I find that the WW online program is really good for me. I am enough of a private person that I do not want to join a group of other people on this journey. I do have 2 friends that are doing WW right now too and that helps. One of the things I really enjoy about WW right now is it is one of the few things I have any control over. I am in total control of what goes into my body! My oldest DD is also trying to lose weight and is using SparkTeen. It is free and seems to be motivating to her. I am hopeful that my setting an example plus her program will be what she needs to get losing!

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