Thursday, February 18, 2010


This past couple of weeks have been rough in my hometown. First there was a school shooting in the small town that is our neighbor / suburb. It involved two ninth graders and one lost his life. Then if that was not enough, we were hit the following week by a shooting at the university where three people were killed. It has stunned our whole community I think. I know I feel overwhelmed by this and I don't even know anyone directly involved. I do have indirect ties to the shooter (her son attends the same school as my children), a professor who lost her life (neighbor to my friend's mother) and a survivor (who is another friend's boss). It just leaves so many questions unanswered and so much talent has been lost.

Add to these the events the stress of my own life and it feels crushing at times. I know God is good and is not going to give me more than I can handle but oh my it is a heavy load at times. I will be glad when the media can drop this story. We saw a "news broadcast" last night where they literally tried to make this shooter look evil by changing her eyes to yellow and photo shopping the heck out of her picture. I think we can safely assume that her trial will not take place here but rather, somewhere else in the state where they haven't seen the demon picture. Truly, it only lacked horns!

I hope that your week has been better than mine. Not that mine was bad... I think it is more the case that it lacked balance. The current events seemed to weigh too heavily and my family events were not in proportion. So this week I need to work on that proportion and try to bring life back into perspective. It is particularly important to me with the beginning of Lent. I have not made a decision to change anything at this point. But perhaps I need to make more time for God (not really a perhaps kind of statement there!) and make that my Lenten goal this year. Have you made plans for Lent? Would you care to share what you are doing?

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