Thursday, September 16, 2010

A bit of a funk...

I took my youngest to the bookstore today to get a present for a friend and I took advantage of the time to go look at magazines. I pulled 4 from Stampington to look through and found myself rather disappointed. Belle Armoire Jewelry left me quite uninspired which is unusual. I checked out the Apprentice and that might have been the most interesting on of the bunch. Holiday and Home were not what I was expecting either. I suspect it is me and the mood I am in currently. I normally love almost everything I have read from Stampinton so I have a hard time believing that nothing was worth my purchasing.

Then I had a bead society meeting tonight. I had ordered some of the supplies for the project they were going to be working on tonight but I wound up not having the time to stay. I had planned to purchase my supplies and not work with the class but sit with the girls and work on my kumihimo project. I have not had the time to attend any of the meetings now that they have moved to evenings. I am seriously thinking about dropping out of the bead society now. I am in such a different place than most of the other members that I have a hard time relating with many of the members. Then the lack of time is another factor. But what does this mean for my creativity?

I feel drawn to fiber currently. I want to sew, felt, crochet and embellish!!! This is a new path to explore but I don't want to abandon jewelry completely either. But my role as mom has to come first!

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