Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day!

What a glorious weekend we have had! God has given us truly wonderful weather for the whole weekend. We have worked outside on Saturday and again today. Yesterday was more of a day of rest. I took our oldest DD and went to church to usher at the 10:30 service. Then followed that with a long afternoon nap!

Today we began working on the door which will become a desk for the girls. The molding strip has been removed and sanding has been done on the top and all four edges. I need to make a trip to home depot to research and maybe purchase some supplies to finish this project. Paint for one thing, and plexiglass for the top, two more legs as well and some sort of strip to finish the front edge of the door and that should complete the project!

DD #1 is hard at work on a project for her English class (9th grade honors). She has had it for almost a week but just got started today! I want to wring her neck! (No! Not literally!) Learning to balance her time is going to be a challenge. She has too many classes that require a significant amount of effort to be slacking off like this!

I started a project today that I have wanted to do for a bit. I am embroidering the inside of my jeans' pocket! The way the pocket is cut and assembled, the lining usually shows when I sit. It is a very plain piece of cotton that is dyed from the indigo of the jeans. Not the best picture here but I'll try for another one later...

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