Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a new adventure

Today starts our church's 10th year of LOGOS! I am thrilled! We have worked so hard to build this program to where it is today. My own kids would not want to miss it. And this year, I will be teaching Bible to 6th graders. It looks like we have a class of girls and they all have real hearts for Jesus which will make this fun. I am teamed with our pastor who thinks we can just wing it on the curriculum! I'm a little nervous about that! His plan is to use the book of John as our basis so that is comforting as I know the book of John fairly well thanks to BSF. We don't really have a plan for tonight that I know of so I will start with bringing an ice breaker to help us get to know the class better. Not sure that we will use it, but we will have it as a backup plan anyway!

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