Saturday, September 4, 2010

a week of moments...

I have had a week of moments. Not any one huge thing but lots of little moments that made things interesting. Some failures and some successes through the week but overall I feel closer to God which must be a success of the highest magnitude!

Mark Stearns of the Lincoln Village Project is teaching a Sunday School class for adults at my church and it has been eye-opening to say the least! We are blessed in so many ways and I praise God for those blessings! I am trying to be more reliant on Him and less trying to do it all myself! I had time this week to read through the book that Mark has put together and it is a profound story that can change a life with God!

So with that as my background thoughts all week, I was truly struck by how fortunate Huntsville is and how much excess is around us. I am appalled by kids driving luxury foreign cars. I have seen teens driving jags and ferraris and mercedes. What do you have to work for when these things are available to you at 17 or 18? And yes I know that some of my friends' kids drive very nice vehicles and I still feel this way.

On to more mundane things - I did three, yes three, loads of laundry today and cleaned the garage fridge. Some sorting of papers also happened. The kids went to rehearsal and I shopped for groceries and got gas for my van. Totally mundane but I feel very good about getting things done!

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