Friday, January 22, 2010

after the storm

It feels like we were so blessed last night. A tornado passed very close to our house but our main damage seems to be debris from other people's homes. All around us, large trees were pulled up by the roots or had their tops twisted out. Shingles and siding were blown away as well. I ignored the warning sirens at first because it is never for my area. The sirens blow and usually have a warning for a different part of our county. I finally went to check the TV and saw the meteorologist showing the funnel cloud heading for my neighborhood. Very scary indeed! I quickly abandoned my dinner plans (meatloaf in the makings) and took the kids down to the basement and my DH shut down all the computers upstairs before heading down as well. We lost power and did not have it back for 12 hours. This morning, our road was blocked and we had to find an alternative route to get the kids to school. There were many blessings for us in this event and I am so thankful for them all.

I hope you were able to feel God's blessings yesterday, today and will feel them in the future.

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