Sunday, January 24, 2010

part 2 of the vision

So today was another great Sunday. Our sermon today was about using the Bible as a rock for our church. It is nearly impossible for me to conceive how some pastors think Jesus is not the only way to salvation. If all scripture is God breathed and useful for teaching and reproving, then surely we can trust and stand on this solid rock! This was the second part of a three part vision for our church. I cannot wait to hear the next part of the vision. In almost all sermons, I can feel myself being convicted and today was no exception. I do not spend nearly enough time in my Bible lately. Without being in a Bible study, I do not go there every day. We were strongly encouraged to get involved in a Bible study either at our church or out in the community. I am not in a Disciple class this year or in BSF! I do so miss my weekly Bible study and hope to return next year.

I made a curried chicken and sweet potato dish for supper tonight and it was fabulous! Patak's makes a wonderful Jalfrezi curry sauce that we really like so it is really easy to make this quickly. And I made it in the crock pot which is another time saver (blessing).

Katie and I went to bell rehearsal this evening too. I am afraid of what our choir will sound like at festival. The pieces are so hard this year! There are several pieces where we have to switch quickly between bells and chimes and it is nearly impossible to do it all! It can be very tough on an experienced ringer but with the number of new people we have, it is extremely hard! Poor Katie is really struggling but it has been good for her sight reading skills and learning to count and really read the notes. I'm not sure she realizes just how good it is for her!

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