Saturday, January 23, 2010

singing praises today

I lightened my stash today and sold my kiln and all of my metal clay lumps. That relieves much of my guilt for purchasing the equipment 6 years ago and never using it much! It has gone to a good home where it will get plenty of use and be a blessing for someone else. I could not ask for anything better and my family is blessed in return!

But this leads me to think about what other gifts / blessings I might be missing and need to do something about! I suspect there are many things that I do not use to their fullest potential and so I need to really either use the blessings or get rid of the stuff that holds me down! Hmm... another metaphor. If I am to soar with eagles and be my best for God, I cannot be weighed down with the extra stuff / guilt. I know this is probably not a revelation to most of you, but for me to see this with my own eyes and recognize it with my brain is something like a miracle! A feel a turning point coming on! I am weighed down physically by my body which I want to release and I am weighed down by too much.... books, magazines, baby stuff, old clothes... this list could go on and on. Time to make some more changes!

I hope you were blessed today and that you too are working on soaring with the eagles....

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