Thursday, January 21, 2010

thinking about (some of) my valentines

I am in dire need of a girl's night out!!! The men in my life are making me crazy and I need to go spend some quality time with my girlfriends! I think as wives, we all go through this to some degree. My DH is, without a doubt, my best friend. He loves and supports me in so many ways. But there are days that I just shake my head and ask myself, "What was I thinking?" which really translates to "I have no idea where he is coming from with this stuff! I will never understand the male thought process!" For me, the best answer is often found in a time spent with my girlfriends who understand to some degree what I mean! We have different experiences, but we all have men in our lives who we adore and who adore us. We just don't always understand them. Today, I am very thankful for my girlfriends who are there to say "I know exactly what you mean!" and do so in a spirit of Christian fellowship and love. Do you have girlfriends who mean the world to you? I think it is time to think about Valentine's for these precious girlfriends. And I have just the idea for them too... Stay tuned to see what a creative mind comes up with!
ps. thanks again to the graphics fairy for the beautiful vintage valentine!

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