Sunday, January 17, 2010

fresh wind

Loved today's sermon! I am praying for a rushing wind to be within our church that we might be Spirit led and poised to grow in that Spirit. What a blessing it will be to have the gentle breeze which is there now grow into a full, rushing wind! Taking time to listen to the Spirit's direction and immersed in God's Word will be the key.

I learned today that the average Christian in the USA spends about 10 minutes with God and 4 hours watching TV each day! What an upside down ratio that is! I confess that my upside down ratio is not the TV but rather the computer and social media and probably more than 4 hours. Yikes! I try to justify the time as needed for building my "brand" but really? Sounds like I need another goal doesn't it? Do you have an upside down ratio when it comes to your time with God? If not, what have you done differently? If so, are you prepared to make a change? Share with me and come along on the faith journey to a Spirit led life.
ps - credit to the graphics fairy for the beautiful clip art that reminds me that surely if God takes care of the birds in the field, he will care for me too.

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