Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Handmade Huntsville

Did I tell you about Handmade Huntsville? It is a facebook group and fan page that I started for local artists and crafters. The group is for the creators themselves and the fan page is for everyone who loves handmade things. I will be featuring a local artisan twice a month at this point. The first artist interview is up on the fan page in the discussions tab already! My sweet friend Rita agreed to go first and I am so excited to have this opportunity! I think of it as "being the change I want to see". I want Huntsville to do even more to support the local arts community that really struggles in tough economic times. I invite everyone to go check out Handmade Huntsville's fan page and join the group if you are a maker of handmade goods. We are stronger by joining forces and working together! Hope to see you at Handmade Huntsville!

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